Latex Look PVC Hobble Dress

Inspired by the classic fetish icon John Willie's Bizarre, this slick and shiny PVC hobble dress will hold you tight in its curvy, feminine embrace and will enhance your look with an unmatched shine!  Perfect for a night on the town when you want her to feel helpless without you, or a little fun around right at home.

The back zip from the neck to just below the butt allows for ease of entry the 3 way pulls allow for ease of access.

The Pink and Purple PVCs are stiffer than the black and red. It will feel tighter and less forgiving. The limited edition Pink and Purple items are not returnable so please be certain of your size before you order. If you have any questions on sizing please send us an email so we can help you decide. 

Please be aware, this purple pvc was made on a white backing.  This leaves little spots of white visible at the stitch line that will get larger as the suit ages. (This is why it's not becoming a standard offering.) 

Matching Pink or Purple PVC Hoods are available here.

Please pay attention to the size chart and do not purchase for anyone over 5'7" tall, please.

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