Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Winter Fetish Item Customization Policy?

Unfortunately, our shop is unable to offer custom made items. This helps keep our shipping and manufacturing times low and our quality high.

What if I lost the keys to the lockable zipper pulls?

No problem, you can order another pair here:

Shipping and boxes

All Winter Fetish products are shipped via USPS supplied Priority Mail or Express Mail branded boxes or UPS boxes with the return label reading "WF".

Package content declarations

We do our best to protect our customer's privacy on declaration forms. Items will be shipped marked as clothing or camping gear.

International customs declared value

Import export laws require that we declare the and value of the items we ship internationally.

Please note that some countries will hold your package for you to pick up and pay taxes and duties on. We cannot help you with this process. Please watch for a notice and go pick up your package if this happens to you.

UK only:

Due to the new tax laws in the UK, any orders placed that are to be shipped to an address inside of the UK must be valued at £135 or more. Since the exchange rate fluctuates the USD amount will vary. Please be aware that it is likely you will have to go pick up your package and pay import taxes.

What is my size?

When consulting the size chart please use your chest measurement, natural waist measurement and hip measurement. These have no relationship to a bra size, pant size, shirt or jacket size. Please have someone help you take your measurements accurately.

A bust or chest measurement should be taken over the nipples, parallel to the floor. Please have your arms down at your sides and be looking forward.

A natural waist measurement is taken at the narrowest part of your waist, somewhere between the bottom of your ribs and the top of your hip bones.

A hip measurement is taken at the fullest part of your hips, either at the round part of your rear or at the round part of the hip depending on your body type. Please take this measurement in a few places and provide the largest measurement.

Don't forget to check your height!

Sizing and exchange policy:

We are happy to accept items within 14 days of purchase that has been tried for fit without directly contacting the genitals to exchange for another size or product of equal value for the cost of shipping. These items must be in new condition and must not have been exposed to perfume or other scents.

Returns must be pre-authorized from Customer Support.

A 50% restock charge applies to items returned for a refund. Returned items must be in new condition, free from damage, dirt and odors. Sale, seconds, and discontinued items sales are final, refunds, returns, or size exchanges are not allowed for these items. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We do not accept returns for refund on items purchased during the Halloween holiday period between September 25th and November 6th. Returns for refund must be received within 14 days of purchase.

Can I return an item which I have purchased?

If you change your mind about an item you have purchased, you may return it to us once you request and receive an RMA number from Customer Support. There is a 50% restock fee for all returns. If the item is damaged, has been worn or is otherwise not in new condition it may not be returnable for a refund. Shipping costs are non-refundable. We do not accept returns for refund on items purchased during the Halloween holiday period between September 25th and November 6th. Returned items must be received within 21 days of purchase to qualify.


Changed your mind before we shipped it out? Let us know before it ships and we'll refund you in full no questions asked. 

What if we have shipped it but you have yet to receive the package? Refuse delivery to have it sent back or take your unopened package to a post office to have it sent back (shipping fees may apply.) Once we receive the unopened package, we'll open it to inspect the item and assuming it's still in new condition refund all but the shipping charges. Sorry, if the box has been opened this exception does not apply.

What is Darlex?

Darlex is a three-layer material made up of two layers of spandex bonded together with a layer of synthetic rubber between. This fabric is hypoallergenic, and machine washable. Darlex resists wind and water, though our items are not waterproof. To keep it at it's best, air dry. Heat breaks down the bond between the layers.


The PVC fabric that we use contains no poly vinyl chloride (PVC), but is a polyurethane coating on a spandex fabric base. The quality of PVC fabric varies substantially based on source and manufacturer. We currently carry a number of different colors and qualities. Our black and red are the highest quality fashion PVC fabric available in the world, custom manufactured for our factory and have an excellent four-way stretch along with a coating that is more resistant to delamination.

PVC sometimes is advertised and sold under the name "faux latex" due to its high shine factor, but unlike latex, PVC is machine washable and never needs polishing to achieve a shine. To keep your pvc at it's best air dry only. Heat breaks down the bond between the coating and spandex. Wash your items as soon as possible after wearing them. Sweat breaks down the bond between the coating and the spandex. 

WARNING: PVC will pick up stains from other colors of PVC as well as some plastics, synthectic materials, leahter, ETM. Please store your items carefully.

Our Zippers

We use only genuine YKK zippers and zipper parts. YKK has been long recognized as the world leader in zipper quality, and we use heavier than average zippers for our garments so that they will be long lasting and will stay in your collection for a very long time.

Our Thread

We use only heavy duty genuine made in the USA Coats and Clark thread for our garment construction. This thread is flexible and hard to break, which makes it perfect for stretch fabrics. Our seams are made to be strong and long lasting, which is why we use four thread sergers instead of the industry standard three thread, this gives our garments extra strength and durability, as well as the flexibility to move with fabric as it stretches.

Can I Share My Product Ideas With You?

We do not do custom work. Unsolicited ideas submitted must be and will be considered to be free of copyright with implicit permission given for our use of the idea as basis for product design on a royalty-free basis. We may or may not review and/or develop your idea based on available time and resources by our staff.

We are honored that you consider our production facility of high quality and our design team to be skilled such that you would wish for us to explore your ideas. Our apologies if your concept is not either considered or produced, as time and design limitations do not allow us to explore each and every suggestion.