Armbinder $ 120.00
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Darlex Hobble Dress
Darlex Hobble Dress from $ 250.00
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Darlex Sleepsack
Darlex Sleepsack from $ 299.00
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Darlex Sleepsack Straitjacket
Darlex Sleepsack Straitjacket from $ 335.00
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Darlex Straitjacket Hobble Dress
Darlex Straitjacket Hobble Dress from $ 299.00
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Hooded Spandex Sleepsack
Hooded Spandex Sleepsack from $ 185.00
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Latex Look PVC Hobble Dress
Latex Look PVC Hobble Dress $ 125.00
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Men's Darlex Catsuit
Men's Darlex Catsuit from $ 299.00
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Spandex Hobble Dress
Spandex Hobble Dress from $ 95.00
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Spandex Sleepsack
Spandex Sleepsack from $ 185.00
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Spandex Sleepsack - Basic
Spandex Sleepsack - Basic from $ 95.00
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Sparkle Hobble Dress
Sparkle Hobble Dress $ 110.00
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Straitjacket Catsuit
Straitjacket Catsuit from $ 349.00
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Two Replacement Keys
Two Replacement Keys $ 2.00
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Our philosophy is that you deserve top quality and a superior fit. With our large range of sizes you can find your best fit by having a friend take your measurements and comparing those to our unique chart of 21+ sizes.

As for quality, we are committed to using the finest materials available. We also manufacture everything right here in the USA. As a result, our products are durable, washable, long lasting, and sweatshop free. You deserve to enjoy your purchase for years to come and we hope that you will.

In order to best serve everyone, keep our shipping times short and quality high, we're not able to accept custom or customization requests. 

Winter Fetish News

#8 Locking zipper pulls discontinued

October 07, 2022

#8 Locking pulls are not being made by YKK anymore.

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