A great entry-level armbinder. Less restrictive than one made of leather and easier to care for. Just toss it in the wash and hang to dry. 

It fits just above the elbow and comes with two extra straps, one just above or at the wrists and one near the top for added security. The strap design in front is just two straps that come around at the shoulders, with no crossing straps to get in your way. 

Please check to see what size you need. The measurement should be taken around the arms 2" above the elbows. (Where the top band is on the armbinder.) While the arms are held as close together behind the back as can be comfortably maintained. Measurements are unstretched, so there will be some additional give (2  to 4 inches depending on size.)

This armbinder is only recommended for people that are 5' tall to 5' 7" tall. 

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