Winter Fetish News

June 27, 2021

Thank you

A sincere thanks to everyone who donated to our mask fund. We delivered over 600 masks to local businesses, bus drivers and individuals who emailed us to ask. 

If you have a need for mask filters, please let us know. We have left over filter material that we'd be happy to send to you. 

February 06, 2021

Now tracking stock levels.

Now it's only possible to order items that are currently in stock.

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February 03, 2021

New Discontinued Section

A new section of the website just went live. It's for discontinued items. I've added the copper and siver mesh catsuits as well as two styles of PVC catsuits. While the catsuit styles themselves are not being discontinued, the colors available there have been. Check it out and see if we have anything in your size.


*Edited to add: I'm adding more items to this section as I finish editing the website. Now there are quite a few things to choose from. Please be certain of your size because these items are not returnable. Most are discounted.


I'm sorry, I just disabled comments on this blog. The spam comments come in droves drowning out the real comments and I miss them. Please email any questions you have? 

December 14, 2020


Orders that are shipping to the UK must be valued at £135 or more.

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April 11, 2020

We are still shipping orders.


Many of you have emailed asking if we're still open. We are! Currently in stock items will be shipped right away. Unfortunately the website does not track most of our products for stock. However we are happy to check stock for you if you send us an email with the size, color and style of the product(s) you are considering. We will respond with the stock levels and possible alternate choices that are in stock. If you wish to order something that is not in stock it may be 1 to 2 weeks before shipping. This is because of our response to Covid-19. 

Our Covid-19 response: We are manufacturing and donating masks for our local hospitals, bus drivers and other service people. Between batches we catch up on items that were ordered but are out of stock. Please don't hesitate to email and ask what the estimated delivery time for your item(s) would be. Your support is appreciated! Ordering from our site during this time helps us fund our mask making efforts. If you would like to help provide masks for essential workers and hospital staff please consider making a donation


Feel free to comment on this post, but if you want our attention please send us an email! I just discovered un-moderated comments on the site dating back to the middle of last year! Updating social media isn't one of my strong suits... 



Photo: the female version of our zentai.

Not yet an in stock item but it can be ordered by request.