Now tracking stock levels.

There's something different about our website. Now when you shop for items, it's only possible to order the sizes/colors that are currently in stock.
In 2020 I lost both of my helpers. Early in the year, my shipping and organization helper got his dream job. I'm happy for him, he deserves it. I'll miss his meticulous ability to keep track of stock and organize it so that anyone can find anything! My sewing helper had been with me for over a decade. She's amazing, I became quite spoiled as her employer. She deserves her retirement and the extra time it gives her to spend with her grandson.
Because of the pandemic, I waited instead of hiring anyone new. Frankly, I waited too long. Stock is low and I am simply not able to keep up on my own. Now, I have two new helpers. In the short term, new helpers mean less productivity until they're up to speed. I'm splitting my time training them, sewing, answering emails, and doing stuff like this. Over the next few months, my new team will become skilled and stock levels will rise.
If you'd like to purchase something that is not in stock, please send me an email with the style, size and color you'd like. I will use the email requests to guide me on which items to make batches of first. Feel free to email to ask if you can try a different size than the chart suggests. I'll need your height, bust, waist, and hip measurements.
Finally, thank you for being patient. Some of the backorders are a month old. Everyone has been kind in their communication. Even the ones who are having trouble being patient. ;) I changed the website with these folks in mind. Though it won't change the amount of wait time, it will remove the false feeling that something is on its way soon. If I were to say my philosophy is to make quality items to bring joy to my customers. Disappointing you is certainly something I wish to avoid.

Tonya Winter
Tonya Winter