Premium PVC Hood With Mouth Hole

Obscured in darkness with just breathing holes, our plain PVC hood locks the wearer away from the world and intensifies feelings of touch by shutting out all light.  This version of our PVC hood leaves the mouth kissably (or gagably) available to whatever your imagination can conjure. This hood has a lovely, sleek look on its own, but can also be a stunning addition to a catsuit or hobble dress.  Our 4 way stretch PVC hood is made with a longer neck so you can easily tuck it in to the neck of another garment for that seamless look. Shown with ponytail hole. This style has nose grommets for easy breathing. Zip version comes with heavy duty zipper, integrated lock comes with two keys.

Authorized Action hoods are made only at our facilities in the USA from our custom manufactured world's best 4 way stretch PVC. One size fits most.

The look of a Latex Hood in a wash and wear, easy in and out alternative.


Due to Covid 19 we cannot accept returns on this item. 


Also known as: Vinyl hood, zipper pvc hood, zip up hood, zipper hood, Vinyl mask, Vinyl bondage mask, vinyl bondage hood, PVC bondage mask.

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