Seconds items, metallic mesh and new patterns.

Metallic Mesh. We're out of metallic mesh material. (Right now, there are only 3 pre-made suits left.) I have been searching for more but so far haven't liked any of the samples I've seen. Since our newsletter subscribers snatched up the last few suits I could get out of our leftover material in less than 24 hours, I've got the feeling I should find more. I have new samples on the way from a couple of places I've never worked with before. Cross your fingers! 

New Patterns. Some of you have noticed that the straitjacket sleepsack only comes in regular height. I'm drafting and testing the tall patterns as my current inbetween everything else project. The next patterning project will be a tall version of our darlex hobble dress. We have been receiving quite a few requests for this and honestly I've been meaning to get to it for years now. Once these two projects are complete I intend to poll our newsletter subscribers so they can vote on which project I'll start next. 

Seconds Items. Our newsletter subscribers already know about this, so I put it at the bottom (you guys can skip this paragraph if you wish.)  Seconds items are flawed pieces. They have sewing errors or damage or maybe they're just old. These items are now available via the website. They all have the word "Oops" in their title. Search the site for the word "Oops" to see them or check our discontinued secton and look for "Oops." Because these items are discounted, all sales are final. 

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