Metallic Mesh is Back

I finally found a new source for good quality metallic mesh material. The bad news is that it's twice the price that I was paying previously so I had to increase the price for the suits. The good news is that for now, I'm offering nearly every color they have available. These suits will be pre-order for the rest of the year then I'll see what colors were most popular and discontinue the rest. Copper is coming soon, we're told that it will arrive in about 3 weeks.

Metallic mesh pre-order

Pre-order volume discount is available. Since it takes less time per suit to make 3 or more at the same time, you can add two more suits at a discounted price. They must be the same size and style as the first suit. Which is why the "add two colors" pages do not have a size choice. They'll be made in the same size as the first suit in the order. Yes, you may order more than one set of the discounted suits without adding another at regular price.  
Add 2 colors for the classic style suit
Add 2 colors for the bust cup style suit


Tonya Winter
Tonya Winter