Matte Black PVC Hobble Dress - discontinued

Color Matte Black not shown.

Inspired by the classic fetish icon John Willie's Bizarre, this slick and shiny PVC hobble dress will hold you tight in its curvy, feminine embrace and will enhance your look with an unmatched shine!  Perfect for a night on the town when you want her to feel helpless without you, or a little fun around right at home.

Our PVC is made of the highest quality PU coated spandex and with our heavy weight thread, so it will be in your collection for a long time. Back zip from neck to just below the butt allows for ease of entry the 3 way pulls allow for ease of access.

Made in USA

To keep your PVC looking its best, hand wash with gentle soap and hang to dry.  PVC may also be machine washed with gentle detergent in a net bag, treat as delicate/lingerie.  Washing inside-out will protect the finish on your zipper.

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