Purple PVC?

I've been fantasizing about having an awesome purple PVC custom made for our shop. We have the black and red PVC custom made for us because we sell enough of those colors to justify it. Well, it turns out that it would take just 50 pre-ordered catsuits or some combination of dresses hoods and catsuits to justify having it custom made in purple too.

Please like or + or tweet this post if you think we should!

If you REALLY want a purple pvc catsuit or dress please pass the word on to your friends who might want to pre order something. We would love to have awesome purple PVC at our shop!

Feel free to comment with your opinion of what the correct shade of purple is. We feel that it should be more blue than this purple

.Purple PVC catsuit for men and women.

Tonya Winter
Tonya Winter




April 24, 2016

Purple is a great color. I would love to have some winterfetish gear in purple. Sign me up or count me in.

Deven Wandel
Deven Wandel

March 19, 2016

Definitely get the purple. I previously got a purple hobble dress from you but it was a bit more pastel of a purple than I like but it was still amazing. The purple in the picture of the catsuit is right up my ally and I would love to get more fetish wear in that deep rich purple.

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